RISO Corporate Compliance Hotline Policy

RISO is committed to conducting its business with integrity and in accordance with the law. This commitment to ethics, standards and responsibility is reflected in its procedural policies and in the implementation of the Corporate Compliance Hotline.

RISO encourages those employees or companies with actual knowledge or suspicion of inappropriate conduct, as well as any violation of legal or regulatory requirements; to raise or report such concerns without fear of sanctions, retaliation or unfair treatment.

RISO takes concerns about misconduct or malpractice very seriously and expects any person/company reporting to do so in good faith. Making a report in good faith means honestly providing all known information about the subject and believing the report to be true. Reports of bad faith or misuse are inappropriate and constitute a violation of this policy, which can be very harmful to both the RISO organization and its employees and/or external collaborators.

For any queries or questions about the Corporate Compliance Hotline, this policy, or its application, or if you would like to submit a report:

Complaint Channel : Email.
Details : Send by email to:  sos@riso.eu

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